vrijdag 24 juli 2015

Andromeda's Gates: Osuzumebachi

For the second challenge in the Andromeda's gates RBG, there are three categories: a small spaceship, a large spaceship and an interior scene.  All have to be in minifigure scale, so a lot of big ships are coming up on Eurobricks...

All have different deadlines, and the fighter plane is the first to end, so the first I`m uploading as I`ve managed to finish all my entries.

So here is the catergory A entry, the Osuzumebachi (Japanese Giant Hornet in english), a sleek and fast spacefighter.

*** Start Log ***

Julali 24th, AD 3825

Thesseus B. Von Geekington reporting

"Wow, this thing is fast!"

Testing the `Giant Hornet` class fighter, Thesseus was impressed by the speed of the small craft.  A while ago, a call from the high ups had come in that the Kawashita forces where being mobilised to face `an Unknown Menace`, on which, well being unknown, not much was known.

The Pale Lady had granted him one of the newest types of fighter vessels, the Osuzumebachi class infiltrator fighter.  A small and sturdy vessel, though lightly armed with two small blaster cannons, but powered by two very large ion engines...

"This should get the job done", he reflected, "Thesseus, 3, 2, 1, ...UCHIAGE!"

*** End Log ***

The engines are glowing hot and leave a trail of ion energy as she shoots forward.

Layered wings showing off the Kawashita colour scheme.

I really enjoyed building this small vessel, and won`t be recycling it anytime soon... now hopefully it will be granting me some nice stack of credits :-)

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