vrijdag 3 juli 2015

Building Junior Spidey

Okay, a bit later in the day then usual (heck, it`s already friday actually overhere), but for this weeks build I`m tackling one of the Junior series sets.

Set 10665, Spider-Car Pursuit, is one of those easy to build sets from the Junior range, but it has it`s merits.

For one, even though it doesn`t have many pieces due to some of the `one piece build` things like the car body, it`s not that expensive.

Secondly, it has some great minifigures as you get Venom in the set (heck, I bought the recent Juniors set just for the Green Goblin, but that report is for in the future).

The build starts with Spider-Man`s car, though it is a bit odd the webslinger actually needs one, he would be stuck more in traffic then chasing villains.

The hubcab is a printed piece, another strong point of this series of sets as it doesn`t include decals but has everything printed.

Wings and flamey exhausts are then added to the car to give it a more roadsterlike appearance.

The second part of the build is really simple, a small piece of wall with a web to it and a pole.  Nothing fancy or spectacular to see here.

And then we have the completed set.  It has already been parted out again and into the relevant boxes, but it was an easy way to get a Venom for the collection ;-)

Oh, another typical thingie for Juniors set, no extra pieces.  Can`t have it all...

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