maandag 20 juli 2015

Inspirational Lego 27

Another week, and so here we are with some more inspirational builds to start of your week with a smile.

And a short week it will be, as it`s the National Holiday tomorrow here in Belgium, so I`m going to take advantage of that and lay myself to rest for two days under some tree in Zutendaal and do some relaxing and mindsearching while warching cows walk by...

We start this week with a great superhero build for the newest Marvel extravaganza, Ant-Man.  I just love the perspective in this picture.

On the otherside of comicland, there is of course DC, and so for this week, there is this iconic Batman build.

Another blockbuster of the past months has been the newest Mad Max movie, and this set is actually buyable at a custom store, just google the name in the bottom right corner to find the store.

Classic Space is always a popular theme, and here are some nice spaceships I saw passing by the past weeks:

Talking spaceships, how about these huge vessels from the Battleship Yamato anime?

But not every ship flies in space, as illustrated with this awesome naval destroyer build.

Though there is some `in betweening`, in stories like Mars 1889.  This little flying ship is a true tribute to that victorian sci-fi genre.

But can we even think `space` without Star Wars, and here is one mighty looking build of a sand people warrior.

Ending this week, we go back to Earth and down in that other unearthly looking place, the oceans.  This George the Octopus is just awesome with the bends and twists of the tentacles and the great rounded out head.

So that`s it again for this week, 10 of the most gorgeous builds I`ve stumbled across.  Enjoy your week, and until next monday!

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