woensdag 1 juli 2015

Lego Haul: 3409 Soccer Fields

I did some GREAT Lego haul`s the past few days (and one I didn`t even do myself but my Dark Apprentice), and one by one I`ll be sharing them on this little corner of the internet.

Today, under an already to hot at 9.30hrs 28 degrees, I went to Mortsel to get some veggies (yeah, as if I`ll be cooking in this heat) for a salad, and dropped by at Kablamo!, a local geeky merchandise shop.

The store`s propietor, Iban, had two nice copies of the Lego set 3409 from the year 2000 lying in wait for me, and considering these sets tend to go on BrickLink in the 200 euro upwards range sealed...

... I can only dance for joy that I paid 110 euro for BOTH of them together.

A great find, saving me as such about 290 euro :-D

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