zaterdag 25 juli 2015

And then we began working on The Burrows

A bit of a late and unexpected addition to my displays I wanted to build for 2015, this is sort of a family project that launched the GF `into` Lego.

She was tired of the kid trashing the sets over and over again just to play with the figures, so she came of the mountain with the commandments that it should be build for display, and he should keep the figures apart.

And she took it upon her to sort out the pieces and will be rebuilding the Weasley house.  I then offered to make it on a display base like my Lord of the Rings sets, and the first `sort of collaboration` was set in motion.

Now the scene I have in mind is the one where Harry arrives at the burrows in the second movie, so we decided to exclude the burning catapult and all from the `fight` in the set, and instead include the blue Ford Anglia that came with the train.  It will be the moment the car lands, but I`m going to have Harry dangle out of the portal like he did some moments before for visual effect.

The general idea is to have the Burrows on one side, the car at the front with a driveway going to the house, and have the back and `open` side a bit raised with high grass.  To that end, I`ve already ordered an engraved tile nameplate for the set, and am ordering the figures that will be included seperatly (and fell of my chair at the prices these go for!), of which the first has dropped in my mailbox a few days ago.

But the price is a small errrm price to pay, as she has fallen for the Dark Side of the Brick... in that I even had to order Hogwarts for her yesterday...

Welcome to the Lego hobby darling x

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