vrijdag 17 juli 2015

Platinum: The Lego Movie

Two Lego games platinumed in less then a week`s time, normally I would say good going, but it is due to not so great circumstances that I have the time to do this actually.

But that doesn`t matter, the good thing is that this is another game to scratch of the list of games to finally complete at the fullest and get the counter down to 6 (well, briefly, as I still need to get 2 games from the Lego range on VITA).

The Lego Movie, based on the blockbuster from 2014, is perhaps the easiest of the Lego games I played so far.  Probably to give the younger audience a better go, but for example instead of the traditional 10 minikits (here called Golden Instructions), you need only 5 per level, though they do need to be build all in the bonus level.

The downside of the more then a year old games now is though that you will have to go through the whole level again if you miss something near the end.

But the trophy list, being the traditional completion of levels and get all collectables, isn`t that hard beyond those.  Most are about switching characters or getting certain teams together on the field, but the most fun where definitly the dance minigame ones.  These play the catchy Everything is Awesome (still my cellphone ringtone btw) and I must admit I did do the games perhaps more then was needed as the dancing minifigs are just great.

The rest of the game is pretty straightforward, as you get cutscenes from the actual movie interwoven with levellised moments of the film, and the hubs are rather small areas allowing you swift access to all the different levels.

Easy, but feel good game in the Lego range is perhaps the best description.

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