zaterdag 11 juli 2015

Lots of Fresh Lego hauls

Well, with the birthday behind me now, a lot of Lego sets old and new have found their way to my greedy little paws.

And there is still more to come as I have a lot of vouchers and VIP points lying around still.

The first and most `emotional valued` gift is this simple little thing: the Benny minifigure from the Double Decker Couch set.  Smurf had received the set as a gift last week for his excellent school results, and when he gave me a present yesterday, this was in it.  Now, as you all know he has ASS and sharing isn`t easy for those poor kids, but he knew I`m really `into` Benny and really wanted to give it to me.

Now, that would mean he had no Benny for his own, so I gave him the double one I had from the Spaceship! set and the one I had ordered before that set came out loose.

He also gave me this cool Lego Batman magnet, which should be attached to the fridge for the recipies I`m going to use to learn him how to cook.

From Chu I received this set from Jurassic World, excellent taste darling.

Talking Jurassic World, this set came in by mail yesterday, together with the in process of retiring picture frame set.  The last one was at discount for the summer sale at Lego, and might be handy to have around for some day.  And that all granted me the pirate gift set to boot.  Now, Pirates has never really been my favorite line, and the things I did had intrest in where the `imperials`, so this one goes in the for trade box for one of the coming years and cool polybags I might bump along.

Then this afternoon, this classic little set came in by mail: before Dino, Jurassic and whotnot`s, lego had already released a series of small dinosaur sets.  Brickbuild, the head alone would cost me a euro to get, and with the bricks and all added, 2.50 was a good value over on Facebook.

The final pile of bricks was this Wookie Gunship, which I got through my old TSA buddy Bjorn.

Not a bad two days of Lego-ness, and great additions to the collection!

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