zondag 25 oktober 2015

AFOL Night 2015 LCC event report

Yesterday evening I found myself in the company of about a dozen other Lego enthousiasts on the first edition of the Lego Collectors Club BE/NL Facebook group.

Organised by the founders and at the founders home, this was a `VIP Only` event to have a nice talk about our hobby, combined with some activities and a nice dinner.

So as I and some `known illuminati` of the group sat down for a chat, we started off with the presentation and voting for the Halloween theme MOC contest. 

But first we got a small welcome gift upon entering, a printed torse with the LCC logo and our name on it, as well as a printed nametag badge for adding event bricks to it, as well as a printed event brick itself which is proudly added to my badge.

So my sig-fig Hagen did a quick changeover to get in the mood for the evening.

I knew from the beginning my build wouldn`t do to spectacularly as it was from a very narrow setting, but that one will be presented here on my blog on Halloween eve itself.  The contest was rightly so won by Cathy from MijnBlokje and her collab build with her son :-)

We then moved on to have dinner first, and after a nice (couple of) bowls of SpagBol it was onwards to the activities.

The first of this was an alternate build of the Creator brown eagle set, in which this time you had to make an owl (aha, I speeded past them all to the goal lol) presented by Kris of BeLUG.

After that, Sophie of LCC did a small demonstration of how to create monochrome figures using copperclean.

We then came to the `trade moment`, in which we could all exchange some small stuffsies.  I myself managed to obtain a Statue of Libery polybag, and an additional Gargoyle and Spectre for my collection and builds.  Oh, and an IOY for a Hun Warrior, so at BMA my cavalry regiment will be complete as well.

The next activity was another build, sponsored by LCC, for a micro scale Wall-E, a sweet and lovely little build that will look nicely on my shelf.

Coffee and cake time then as we went to the opnions and brainstorming parts of the evening, and the goodie bag moment.

It was rather amazing who all sponsored this event, as you can see all the stuff above that we received in addition to the thingies that already passed during this little oversight of the event, so in all fairness let`s have a look at the kind people that sponsored this event then.

1st price MOC contest, the 2015 SW Advent Calendar: Bunny & Bear BVBA
2nd and 3rd price MOC contest, respectively a Darth Vader LED keychain and a Ninjago set: Sophie Deprez
Event brick and name Badge: MijnBlokje.be
Exclusive preview christmas angel custom minifig: Losseminifiguren.nl
An issue of Bricks magazine: Bricks & Bricks Culture
Minibuild of the Month Polybag: LEGO Store Lille
Star Wars Poster and keychain: Sophie Deprez
Lego Star Wars Magazine: Panini Netherlands
Wall-E Microbuild: Bunny & Bear BVBA
Voucher and PAB bag: Brick Planet Wetteren
The personalised sig-fig minifigure torso: Sophie Deprez
A set of brick lightning: Brickverlichting

It was a really great evening and definitly worth of a second edition, which can only be bigger and better as we all know now what to exactly expect :-)

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