vrijdag 23 oktober 2015

Haul report: magical bricks?

Okay, so that might sound a bit strnage, but here are the facts.  It has been since last year`s august Utrecht GP I managed to play Magic.

This means my whole `collection` (I tended to only play sealed and standard) has rotated out now.

Combined with the fact I now FINALLY know how long these crashed down legs are going to keep me at the sidelines, being 1 year before I`ll be `functionally mobile` again and up to 5 years before they will be fully repaired. That would mean at least another 1 - 2 years on the sidelines to have the very few painkiller enduced mileage I have on my engine can be redirected for a game of Magic again.

So my cards just stood there on the shelves...

Now, my Magic Buddy Kenny had `some bricks` he had scored at a flea market on the one hand, and a not yet 4 year old who decided Playmobil was more intresting then Lego on the other hand.  Enter that lovely phenomena called trading.

So now I have here 3 huge bags, together good for 12 kilo`s of various Lego (apparently it has a rather old boat and all in it, but they will go straight to the sorting out lane), and `lost` an additional few binders in my heavy `non-Lego` clear out workings in the building room.

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