woensdag 28 oktober 2015


Based on the manga with the same name, this 13 episode long series from 2012 is just as dark and raw as the source material.

Although it does suffer from some serious deviations from the drawn version, altered for the silver screen.


Jin is an energetic young boy living in a shanty town and making ends meet by performing good deeds for money. However, when his mentor dies during a fight with a strange monster he finally learns the meaning of death. Having been taken in by a stripper named Akemi whom he once saved, Jin begins to live a quiet and normal life - though in reality he is anything but ordinary. With superhuman abilities and a group of mysterious men searching for him under the name of Zet, over the years Jin finds himself drawn into a world of creatures with dangerous powers called "Players". But what is Jin really, and with his vicious methods of defeating these threats, is he really a hero for justice or simply another dangerous monster?


This is one of those anime series that aren`t really suited for children, as it is rather gory and brutal in it`s fights, the storyline is rather hard but it suffers from being in essence a long mature manga that has been converted in a short series.  Due to this, it lacks any real and in depth character development, the story is hotchy-potchy at times, and doesn`t really quite deliver on the adult level of Power Rangers style story it was supposed to become.

But at 13 episodes of 22 minutes, it isn`t that huge a time investment after all to catch it on Crunchy and the likes, and if you`re a fan of the superhero genre, you`ll like this.

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