donderdag 8 oktober 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6235 Buried Treasure

Where the sloop yesterday was the smallest of the Royalist sets back in 1989, this one was the smallest of the Pirates faction, coming with only 16 parts.

But it also debuted the monkey AND the gold coins for the treasure chest, so the range was rather innovative and would produce mainstays for era`s to come.

Included in the set is a lonely Pirate, coming with the also with that range new thing of printed faces instead of the until then smiley ones you always got.

The build consists a chest on a piece of beach, and as such the base is a 4x6 yellow plate, with some smaller plates on it for a heap of sand and a brick for a piece of stone.

The chest and it`s iconic coins.

Add the monkey and the build is already completed.

Sure, it wasn`t a big thing at all, but it DID contain a lot of the new stuff that came with the pirate range and remained with us since then, so it`s a rather iconic thing in it`s own right.

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