donderdag 15 oktober 2015

Not A-movie #5: Dinosaur Island

So far we had a real B-movie, two things created by a `studio` specialised in low budget movies and a straight to DVD movie, so today`s post is about another genre under those blockbusters, the television movie.

These are movies made specifically for television, usually not even coming near a cinema near you, and cam be quite enjoyable, even though low cost production.


A boy and a girl find themselves stranded in a land of wonder only to discover that throughout history things have mysteriously disappeared to this long lost world. Together, they embark on their magical journey back home, and along the way encounter tribal natives, ferocious dinosaurs and a land long forgotten.


Now, these sorts of movies are usually made for channels like Disney and the likes, and are often adventurous, but childfriendly movies.  There is also a more adult orientated subgenre of this, but that will be tackled later this week when the Smurf is back at his dad`s and can`t accidentally watch the screen, responsible parenting and such you know.

Special effects wise, in these productions you must think of the `level` of childhood series of mine like Xena or Hercules.  You can clearly see it is animated CGI, but it doesn`t hurt on the eye to much.  The dinosaurs are actually rather well done (okay, don`t think of Jurassic levels here peeps).

On the acting part, there is also a fine line to walk.  This is a largely UK made movie, and this shows in the actors.  Where the States have a whole `straight to` industry, you often get actors who`s work usually is on the Shopping Network or those `enscrypted reality series`.  the UK, having far less people to draw for, can usually fish from a pool of normally theatre actors, and this does show in the level of capabilities, making the acting in this movie not to bad at all.


Sure, it`s a made for children movie, but it ain`t a bad one at all.  Think of it as one of those films they play on a rainy sunday, you toss half an eye to it while the children are watching it, and sunconciously you sit down and watch, or keep doing things while following the movie still with half an eye, generating good parent / child quality time in the mix.

I`m actually sorry I don`t have this one with dutch subtitles, the Smurf might actually enjoy this movie (that is, if he isn`t doing another gazillion things and doesn`t want to watch to start with).


While IMDb only rates this at 3.5, i think it actually deserves a lot better.  take into account that the Jurassic hype is still washing over kids at this moment, and they`ll enjoy `yet another dinosaur movie` with the family, this one isn`t so bad at all, so I`m going to give it even a massive 4.8!

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