vrijdag 16 oktober 2015

Not A-Movie #6: Outpost 37

Sometimes, a movie production starts with the ambition to shine, only to fall short in the end and get relegated to the bargain bins in the DVD store.

Outpost 37, also known as Alien Outpost, is one such production...


When Earth is invaded by `Heavies` in 2021, Earth retaliates and manages to drive them off, and establish outposts to guard for future returns.  However, over the next eleven years, these outposts are fallen into disrepair and understaffed.

A camera team is send to Outpost 37 in the Iraqi desert, and unknown to them will become part of the bloodiest hour of the outpost as the Heavies return.  When their outpost is forced to be abandoned after a series of strange occurences, they find an old alien base and have to fight the occupants.

Many soldiers of Outpost 37 will receive a medal of valour for this... posthumously.


The movie is created along the lines of the excellent Vietnam movie "84Charlie MoPic" from the end of the 80s, in that a reporter and his team follows around one of the units of the armed forces.  Where in that movie it was against the VC and discovering one of their bases, here the story is transported to the future but follows the same lines of attempts of drama and the likes.

The special effects are lacking and the storyline is a bit on the 'not to well executed' side, but this is compensated by some strong acting by Adria Paul for one (Highlander series), and Brandon Auret (District 9).


It`s not bad, it just falls short of it`s own created expectations.  It won`t be remembered as a classic in the science fiction genre, but if you can pick it up in the bargain bins, it`s worth a watch, just don`t make the mistake the studio did and raise to high the bar.


IMDb gave it a 4.7, which is about right, for me I`ll settle with a 4.3 for this movie.

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