vrijdag 2 oktober 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6848 Strategic Pursuer

Or in simpler naming, Futuron Walker...

This is one of the sets I took over from my buddy, in order to be able to trade it around for Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or generally handy bricks to MOC with (which in my case are usually grey slopes and green plates of all varieties).

Hauling way back from 1988, this small 56 piece set looks bigger then it is in parts count, as it has some very big elements in it like the canopy pieces.  But as we will see, this set had some issues, but I did manage to trade it for a few Gundabad orcs so no worries on that then...

It comes with one of the Yellow Futuron spacemen, I still love the design of those uniforms even though now in the `fleshy` era some people would say he is running around butt naked.

The set is based around a couple of plate wedges, added together by a 2x4.

Underneath this, a construction is set up to attach the working arms of the model, whom are nice and bendable to handle cargo boxes and the like.

The tilting feet allow it to raise itself downwards to pick those things up realistically.

Unfortunatly, I had a wrong arrow tile for one of the arms.

Adding the canopy to the body, the set stands completed.

It`s a handy little thing, which can be posed easily in display moc`s due to it`s high manouvrability (for an almost 30 year old set), but since it was not my thing, I`m rather okay with it having parted my collection recently.  Never the less, considering it`s year of release, the fact it almost takes a year to design a set, and substracting those, I bet the designer was inspired by a certain other toolworking walker.  A yellow one... with a flashlight on it... piloted by Ripley ;-)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the classic set. As I recall I had a couple of these back in the day, although no lego kits stayed in their original form very long.

    And it seems like the 2001 pod played a part in inspiring this kit too.

  2. I know the feeling, I remember having a lot of sets 25+ years ago, but I doubt I could bother to even sort out the parts to make them whole again. I call it the Curse of MoC ;-)