zaterdag 17 oktober 2015

Not A-movie #7: Orc Wars

Sometimes, movies try to ride on the road of a popular genre.  Sometimes, they try to be different within that genre.  And sometimes, they just get weird.

This movie was kind of special, as Chu was watching it with me, though she isn`t normally into this sort of things.


John Norton, former military, retires to a quite cottage in the farmlands, willing to be seperated from everyone else.  On his first night, an elven princess comes knocking on his door.  Followed by a bunch of orcs...
It seems he is living in a house where a Guardian of the Worldgate resided, and he learns from a blind indian that he is destined to become the newest Sentinel, protector of the Earth versus the orcish invaders.
Aided by some friends, including the use of an old M41 Halftrack, he manages to overcome the invaders and save the realms.


The movie is clearly made on a budget, but it isn`t to bad.  Sure, the explosions and the dragon are clearly faked, and orc blood is puffings of black smoke as Chu remarked as well, but it isn`t to bad at all.
Now, you might wonder if those Orc heads look familiar, and you`re right.  Look for example at the sword the princess wields:

Indeed, it is Sting, Bilbo`s (and later on, Frodo`s) sword.  The movie uses a lot of Lord of the Rings materials, like the orc heads (Meat is back on the menu!), and armoured helmets.


Okay, like any B-movie it has budget induced faults, and a lot of mistakes in it.  No, the acting isn`t that great.  Yes, the plot turns really silly at times, I mean orcs versus kalashnikov... but it was enjoyable, and Chu actually liked the movie.


IMDb rates it at 3.3, and though i myself would rather go nearer the 4 mark with a 3.7, it is getting an additional half point to raise it to 4.2 because of the opinion of someone not into these sorts of flicks and B-movies stating it `was a funny little flick`.  So if the non geeky public appreciates it, I can only say the makers did a well done job within the budget restraints.

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