dinsdag 6 oktober 2015

Today`s haul: tuesday the 6th of october

While I went to the auctioneer house today, I knew there wasn`t anything I wanted to go high on anyways, but I didn`t despair.

Because before going there, I dropped by the local Kringwinkel, and found some good stuff there.

The first is this old Lego set from 1993, with the box, for an amazing... 0.75 eurocents.

I also snatched along this bag of Bionicle parts for a measly 1.50

And finally a small bag of action figures for the trade box costing me 2.00 euros, which should be good enough for a small trade.
The green thing is well, junk, but then I have an Action Man figure, an Avatar figure, a Mulan figure and a pink Power Ranger in there as well.

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