vrijdag 9 oktober 2015

Nothing but an oaken branch Vignette

We were leaderless, defeat and death were upon us. That is when I saw him; the young dwarf prince facing down the Pale Orc. He stood alone against this terrible foe, his armour rent, wielding nothing but an oaken branch as a shield...

I always liked the tale of how Thorin became known as the Oakenshield, and in the first The Hobbit movie this is detailed rather beautiful, so I sat down to make a small vignette to represent the scene.

In it, Azog pounds on him, Thorin defending himself with an oaken branch as a shield before picking up a sword and severing the hand of the large pale orc.  To that end, I tried to pay attention to the small detail of not using Azog as he comes in the sets, but to make sure he has his left hand still.

I tried to have the branch look as in the movie for Thorin, looking more like a piece of bark then an actual branch there, and to represent `armoured but not king yet` Thorin, I went for his Battle of the Five Armies body with the hair from the The Hobbit wave 1 series instead of the crowned one, giving him a more armoured look.

It was a nice little in between thingie to do, and a welcome break from all the `plate prepariatons` I`m currently doing, next one I`ll be presneting will be at last the Dale one :-)

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