maandag 12 oktober 2015

Inspirational Lego 39

Another monday, another set of 10 fantastic builds I found on the internet.

And with the recent amount of shows in the world, there are some nice things added to my folders to share with you, so without further ado, let`s start with something I`m drooling over a lot...

The Arcadia!  Captain Harlock`s (Albator for us children of Club Dorothee) cursed battleship.  The representation with the UCS style plaque and minifig is just damn fantastic, and if Lego should have brought this beast out, I would be sleeping before the store to make sure I have one.

Staying in the anime style, here is another classic, EVA-01 from the Evangelion series, very poseable and impressive build.

Slightly changing the subject we have a giant squid next... or isn`t it???

The Hammer of Thor faces of against the shield of Cap... just like in the movies.  These real size props where shown at the recent BrickCon and I could even imagine myself running around the house wielding those.

This is a great build of Snoopy from Peanuts.  The details with the plane and all are really bringing the comics to live and radiate a very vibrant feeling.

The brick build versions of Belle and the Beast are really capturing the balcony atmosphere from the movie.

It`s a pity they never released a mumakil for the Tolkien range, but this Around the World in 80 days build is really impressive featuring the big brick build elephant.  Maybe I should search the net for plans of an elephant like that and make one myself with the necessary haradrim modifications.

With Shiptember just behind us, it is more then normal that a lot of huge spaceships are popping up on the net and at shows.  This one is a hommage to the classic Blacktron line and a really impressive vessel.

Mount Rushmore, one of the classic landmarks of the United States is just as awesome when represented in bricks.

The final build for this week is something not spectacular in either techniques nor size, but it did grab my heart into an emotional rollercoaster... it is just so intense I love it.

Well, that is it for another series, tune in next week for the newest selection!

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