maandag 12 oktober 2015

Not A-Movie #3: Northmen: A Viking Saga

When I launched this week of non mainstream movies, I told you all it wouldn`t be pruely B-movie (or worse) vehicles, but also straight to DVD movies and the likes.

Northmen: A Viking Saga is just an example of this, riding on the succes of that other infamous northman to grace our screens these days, Ragnar Lothbrook


Asbjorn and his band of warriors strand on the beaches of Scotland, and come upon a noblewoman, who turns out to be the daughter of King Duncain.  He orders a band of ruthless Karpathian mercenaries to free or if needed kill her though, and the vikings must see to escape their pursuers, aided by a man known as "the Cursed Monk", a warrior priest living in a lone tower.  One by one, the men of Asbjorn fall as they struggle to bring the princess, who is a soothsayer, and themselves outside her father`s reach.

The most hilarious falling of a viking?  The oldest member of the party, in a Berserker rage, throwing himself with two enemies over a cliff, still stabbing into them as they fall down.  And he survives as he pops up later again!


Somebody should have kept numbers on the Karpathian "minions".  They rode out with 16, 8 die along the way to the vikings, and they emerge at the top of the waterfalls with... 16.

Apart from that, the movie is rather okay on the technical level on things and the acting is good for a straight to dvd movie.


It`s enjoyable, but that is about it there is to say for it.  It isn`t riddled with uber awesomeness, and it lacks the rawness of Vikings, as these guys are rather soft.  It isn`t explained either just what dirves the monk to help the princess, only why he went into exile.


IMDb rates this at a very decent 5, but I`m afraid my score will be a bit lower then that, ticking off on 4.2 for me.

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