donderdag 29 oktober 2015

Project Merak

It has been an idea for MOC`cing that has been playing in the back of my head ever since I signed up in the Guilds of Historica, and I finally bit the bullet.

I`m going to build a lay-out of the village of my sig-fig Hagen, the village of Merak.  Now, in order to do that, and falling back on the `experience` I gathered over the past years, I`m going to make it a mash of what I like building.

On the one hand, there will be existing sets in the lay-out, plated up as I do with my Tolkien sets.  On the other hand, I will also be including my MOC`s that I like and keep from GoH and intermingle that as well onto the plates.

For example, this is the beacon of Merak build I did a few months ago, rebased on a 32x32 plate and with the classic small Castle boat included.  I still need to dress up the plate further, and place a LOT more waterstuds, but it is good enough to show the idea I`m playing with.

My personal deadline to have a decent first part of the lay-out ready will be Brick Mania Antwerp 2016, for which I hope to have about 5 or 6 plates done, but I already know I`ll be doing something with the Yellow Castle for the central part of the build.  Just not sure what yet lol...

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