woensdag 21 oktober 2015

Classic Lego Build: 1731 Ice Planet Scooter

In today`s classic build, I`m tackling the smallest set that came out in my favorite childhood space range, Ice Planet 2002.

It looks a lot like the small sled that is also included in the Deep Freeze Defender vessel, and would be a polybag today with it`s 13 parts and a minifigure.

The set comes with one of the ice spacenauts in their gorgeously printed torso pieces and back then very unique helmet and visor designs.

The sled itself isn`t that spectacular, what is to be expected from a set with such a few number of parts, and is based on a 2x6 plate onto which a white wedge and the engines are attached.

A blue slope makes the whole `backside` of the vessel, as a hinge element is mounted at the front to be able to put the controls on.

Those controls are printed on a 1x2 tile, and some of the equipment is added at the back of the vessel.

And the small set already stands completed.

While nothing spectacular in itself, back in 1994 this was a cheap way to get a whole lot of new elements the range sported, like of course the minifig, but also the trans orange buzzsaw and the printed control tile.

Which is actually what those small sets should be all about, even today: small, promotional sets that `tease` you with some of the new unique parts a new theme carries.  Unfortunatly, I find the polybags of late lacking in that division :-(

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