woensdag 7 oktober 2015

Cracking open my Series 14 box

The local toy store came through and got me a copy of the Series 14 Monsters series, so the big job of sorting them all out was undertaken and finally I have found a little hole to take and upload the pictures.

Now, I already had bought some loose packs and had already a few of the figures I `wanted` for my collection and future MOC`s, but there are some I just can`t get enough from...

So from this box I kept the following, as I already had a Spider-Lady who was high on my must have list and a Plant Guy I wanted for a Jurassic World MOC.  The Banshees, Gargoyle`s and Spectres are my `rank and file` models of this series I just need to have about a dozen off, so all of them where snatched to the collection.

The Wicked Witch was a model I wanted a single copy from, as she can be nicely incorporated should I decide to build a sort of Coven one day, while the Tigress will be for another BDSM build I will probably do somewhere in the future.

Oh, and the Smurf really wanted a werewolf, as he wants to recreate a Lupin...

So that left me with quite a heap of tradeable figures as well, they are now uploaded to my Miniature Trading account (see the business card at the bottom of the blog, the one with Lego Shakespeare and just click it to get to my have and wants listing).

It is a pretty cool series all in all, though personally of the past years I think series 12 was still the best for personal intrests.

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