dinsdag 27 oktober 2015

Garo the Animation

Based upon a real live action Super Sentai series, Garo is an animated version that tells a tale from long before that particular series takes place.

The first season is the story of the `Sealed Flame`, while the second ine that is now running is telling the manga tale of the Crimson Moon.


But it is this first season I`d be watching, in which 17 year old Leon Luis lives in a fictional kingdom resembling the Inquisitorial Spain from around the 17th century.  He is the Garo of the golden Knight, born from the Garo Knight German and the Makai alchemsit Anna who was burned at the stake.

When the land is infested by Horrors, he and his father return together with the lone gun Eza to clear the land of the enemies and avenge his mother.  Whe he discovers another Makai alchemist wanted to usurp the throne, the prince seeks out Leon to help him free the land of the terrors.

Both he and Alfonso meet and learn that they are in fact maternal cousins whose grandfather was the previous Garo. Though León was relieved of the Garo title after Mendoza's assumed death for misconduct, Alfonso contends with the surviving Horrors in his kingdom. After casting away his drive for revenge and deciding to become a protector instead, León reclaims his armor and title, and joins forces with his friends to search after Mendoza once it is confirmed that he is still alive


The series isn`t that bad, and features a lot of  high speed action like the Super Sentai series did, though with the powers of animation this can all be done a lot more fluently then with RL acting and effects.

It is that kind of series you just sit down for and can watch 5 - 6 episodes in a row, though I doubt it is just captivating enough to do a full series marathon in one go.  Still, a nice in betweener while you wait for the next episode of another series.

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