maandag 26 oktober 2015

The Poor Intern MOC

The first of the display`s I`ll be building for the Jurassic World range, like I am doing for my Tolkien`s, I thought a bit of humor might be in place.

And yes, I know the polybags labels them as Gallimimus and that they are actually compy`s, but let`s just say the intern was mistaken as well lol.

The first change I made to previous display builds, and which I`ll also be doing with future Harry Potter moc`s, is to add the printed tiles to the front, right next to the name of the display.

The display actually features a single `complete` trap polybag set, as well as some more loose beasties.  And a plant guy from series 14, doubling as an intern who needed to observe the little critters.

The fences are made by using droid arms, wizard staves and cones, and a gate is included to allow access to the paddock itself.  Add foliage and the first one of the range is completed.

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