zaterdag 17 oktober 2015

Dag van de Kringloop: retro game haul

Today, in yearly tradition, the Dag of de Kringloop, a chain of used goods stores I often frequent on my toy-, Lego- and trade material hunts is taking place.

Now, arriving at a local one which would be doing the retro video games today, at 10.30, I already was rather late as I saw people hauling out whole boxes of stuff including even a NES Super Mario edition in box for 30 euro, so needless to say, it was a struggle and just not yet a battle in the store.

Most games went between 1 to 3 euro, with some going over that, but I did manage to survive long enough in the wilderness to grab me 20 gems, for not that much money at all.

Now, don`t think I`m going the retro way, but I have this gut feeling the `toy bubble` will last until 2017, the year the Power Rangers collectors will turn 35 and market prices will implode as most collectors will have what they want.

But that would also be the year the video gamer generation is flooding the market and will start recollecting childhood favourites as they approach the `house tree dog` phase, just like it happened with the 80s toys generation, so mark my words, in a few years time the retro game market WILL explode and take the place of the current day toy market.

So better to already start arming myself nowadays and be ready to be able to trade for those big Lego sets by then that I will definitly want...

But enough brainstorming, let`s have a look at what I still managed to save from the masses...

This is the main price.  All three Disney games, for the Sega Game Gear, in still SEALED condition.  Disney is eternal, the games I guess will come back, so this is something to definitly hold on to for a few years.

Various other handheld games where found as well, the most intresting probably being the PSP Harry Potter game, but the reason on that in a few moments.

Because I also picked up two more HP games for the Playstation 1.  Now, why I hear you ask is that HP material so intresting?  Well, we all know what trilogy is going to start in november 2016... and the young wizards from back then are the parents of the ones that will go watch and adore it now...

I also managed to score two intresting XBox games on the scourging of the racks, with Halo being the Microsoft console alltime mainstay after all.

The final things I picked up where some Playstation 2 games.  Not that rare yet as flea markets often have boxes of them still around, they are going to start switching out in those sources for the PS3, who is as we know now being more and more sidetracked by the PS4.  But with Final Fantasy X in the lot, I have some good stuff on my hands here as well...

So this has been a pretty awesome haul day, and I estimate, even by putting the 3 sealed`s still away for a few years, the others can generate enough tradevalue to get me a T-Rex tracker set, one of the bigger sets I still miss from the Jurassic World line.

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