maandag 26 oktober 2015

Inspirational Lego #41

Welcome monday, the only reason I like you is that I have the chance to show off some more great lookers found over the internet.

Because let`s face it, if you are reading this, you have even the slightest intrest in the brick, and this might even push you into full AFOL-ness if you aren`t one already.

We start off this week with a great looking build from a shogunate era palace, in which the troops are gathering at the front of the gates.

The next find is this interior of a mine, Indiana Jones style, as he chases over the rails trying to escape the huge boulder.

We have some more shogunate troops in this next build, as another army of samurai seems to be raised to go to battle.

A movie classic is next in the selection, with the iconic ET scene as they bike past the moon.

The gates of the elven fortress are opening as they march out towards unknown destinations.

This humongous tree, located in some wizard`s gathering square, is the next build.  That is a lot of leaves there...

The overgrown and ruined amphitheatre is greatly executed, `breathing` a real atmosphere of old.

Another great `DG` build (AFOL`s know who I mean ofc) in his Dark Island Saga is this old cottage by the road.

This Fabuland minifigure sculpture is by a BeLUG member and has great shaping and details of a cool theme from the past.

We end the week with this small historical shiptype, the cog.  I love how he did the curvature of the bow.

And that is it again, 10 of the many cool builds that caught my eye the past week, and I hope you enjoyed it again as well.  Until the next week, build on!

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