maandag 19 oktober 2015

Inspirational Lego #40

Another week has flown by, and to start of the fresh one, here is the usual monday selection of totally awesome builds I came across on the internet.

Drawing as usual over a lot of different genres and themes, there are some truly fantastic things to show you once more.

We begin this week with this build of the Thai holiday, the Songkran Festival. The temple with it`s roofing is just amazing work, and since you can see that the figures are all brickbuild, this is bigger then it looks at first sight.

Staying in the Orient is this impressive shogun era castle, adorned with fantastic details and resting against a migthy impressive rockside.

Next up is a classic.  Remember the Hitchcock masterpiece The Birds? Well here it is in Lego, including the booth that the lady tried to escape to in the movie.

Brickbuild animals are often spectacular looking things, and this great crab is no exception.  The `face` of the beast is even hyperdetailed.

Let`s blow of some steam by playing level 3, The Lost Valley, in our beloved Tomb Raider game now will we.

This middle eastern build has the right Indiana Jones feel to it, including even the entrance to an underground tomb.

The Creator red dragon that came out this year is perhaps one of the best looking beast sets in the range of the past years, and this builder has taken the instructions to heart to build the beast as a mount for everyone, including matching colour schemes.  And do note the tongue in cheeck one for Wonder Woman!

A model of the historical Thornwood castle is the next stop on this weeks tour.

Star Wars is ever present at conventions, and this excellent Probe from the second movie is no exception!

The final build this week is this collection of Little Fokkers, a whole armada of cute looking little airplanes.

And that is it once again for the weekly oversight, enjoy the selection and keep building!

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