zaterdag 3 oktober 2015

The state of the current WIP`s

Okay, so since the last time I posted about some display MOC`s I`ve started to work on, I have been busy... without actually getting somewhere.

While the Dale display is ready and will be featured soonishly, I have been making good progress as well on the Gallimimus one, having it nearly ready.

The fences where added this week, and I managed to put in some greenery, so now it is only detailing left to do as well as taking some decent pictures.

I`ve also already started some preliminary work on other display`s for the next year.  The first of these will be the Dilophosaurus paddock for Jurassic World, where I`m planning on putting the jeep on a road on the left, while the orb goes with the beast into the territory itself. 

These are just some mental images though, as I`m still working first on the surrounding border of the display.

Even further down the line will be two builds for Harry Potter.  One will be combining the sets of the Philospher`s Stone into one big sequence, which I`m planning to do as a sort of tower, with the Corridor on top, then the chamber of the winged keys below it and as such leading towards the final confrontation.

This will be a rather high build as such, and I`m still thinking on how I`m going to be tackling the actual build up, and most importantly how the roof will be done, but that is for the beginning of 2016, as I`m aiming to get the Harry Potter builds ready for Antwerp Convention the 1st of May.

The other build I`ve been laying the bricks down for, and now standing ready to be bordered before being build on, will be the Duelling Club idea I have from the second movie.  Not quite sure how I`ll be doing the table exactly, I`m stocking in on 1x1 tiles for sure to make the big carpet that was on the podium first...

Time will tell how and if it will turn out alright, but I`m relatively confident the time schedule at least will be do-able ;-)

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