donderdag 15 oktober 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6270 Forbidden Island

In what will be for a while the last of the old 1989 Pirate sets I`ve put together, the Forbidden Island was a 160+ piece medium range set from the line.

Including a lot of cool new elements for the time then, we have seen most of them passing in the earlier classic build reports, but still, it`s an okay looking set once completed.

And it includes a Royalist.  Together probably with the Forestmen and the Ice Planet miners, these have always been in my top 3 of cool minifigure factions from my youth, and when I came out of my Dark Ages they where a serious candidate to collect and MOC around though in the end I went for the Castle era instead.  We also get the captain, whose hook and peg leg where innovative back then, and two more pirates.

The first part of the build is a small rowing boat for one of the pirates, to navigate the shark infested waters around the island.

Based on a larger size (32x32) printed baseplate, we start by laying down the foundations of the island outpost.

Including a cell to hold the poor Royalist soldier.

Using a shipmast and the curved and printed black castle wall elements, the `tower` is being build up and we can gain height for it easily.

A staircase and a hangbridge are then added to connect the building with the ground.

The mast is then extended upwards and a crowsnest, accessible by ropeladders, is placed on it to have an overview of any invading forces coming for them.

As palmtrees are added to give some foliage camouflage, the flag and small details are added to the build as well.

And it stands completed (and yes, I`ve turned the flag correctly now ;-) ).

The set is rather okay in my opinion.  I`ve never been fond of the pirate sets of the line, like I said I was more of a royalist follower and preferred the tower outpost of their line, but this one is something that looks okay on a display shelf, without adding to much weight to the shelf itself.

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