zondag 11 oktober 2015

Not A-Movie #1: Raptor Ranch

And so we kick off this week of low budget movies, crap tales, and hidden gems...

Raptor Ranch from 2013 is the movie that gets to open this blog project, and also the one in which I`m going to try and `generalize` the lay out from now on for opinions of movies, series and anime`s.


Texas is overrun by dinosaurs.  Mostly, as the title suggests, Velociraptors, but also some other lovely meat eaters like a T-rex, a Megalosaurus... the better Jurassic Park villains in other words.  Various peoples lives are being tied together by this, ranging from an aspiring singer whose mother was part of an attack, a corrupt major, some special agents, a travelling roadband and of course your usual collection of high school kids.

When they all gather together due to circumstances on a ranch, the killing begins as a guy nicknamed `Manbeast` accidently unleashes the beasts and is the first course of dinner for them.  While the dead (and the ketchup) splatter of the screen, they discover a book on the origins of the beasts, but while trapped in a gas station more people fall in this dinosaur vs mankind bloodfest.

While Abbi, the singer, finally does manage to defeat the final surviving Megalosaur, the FBI swoop in to cover the whole story up, but a year later the movie ends with an open end as a Raptor appears in a club Abbi performs...


Actually, the dinosaurs aren`t THAT badly done.  That`s the good thing, but the whole story itself as expected is flimsily thin, being nothing more then a 1hr30 excuse to have carnivorous dinosaurs have a buffet in a small Texan village.  It`s good for some laughs, but the `sci-fi horror` well, let`s just say it ain`t that much horror as the blood and gore is rather unconvincing.

As every low budget movie tends to have one or two famous faces in it, the honor in this goes to Lorenzo Lamas, a mostly known soap star from The Bold and the Beautiful but who also featured ages ago in for example The Love Boat, and... Grease!


Yes well, it`s amusing, and not the sort of movie that was SO bad that I would have dropped this project after a single flick, so I guess that means there are positive angles to this one.

And there certainly are, it`s a no brainer, late television movie you get to see on some obscure channel, which is enjoyable to watch late at night before dozing off on the couch, and of which you vaguely remember details in about a year time :-)

And the bus attack was damn hilarious...


Well, of course the chances are slim that you`ll be hitting classical gold in these kinds of movies, BUT it did manage to get a decent 3.0 on IMDb hehehe.
Personally, I`d rate it around that point as well, for the reasons above, so I`m sticking with them and putting a 3.0 on it as well.

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