donderdag 22 oktober 2015

Dimensional Observations

Yesterday, I completed the main story line of the Dimensions game, and loved almost every minute of it.

Almost, because as is usual in a game with so many different storyline missions, there are stronger ones and worse ones for everybody`s taste, so let`s have a look at the levels...

Wizard of Oz: the first level, and very tastefull in both design and feel, this is a very strong opener to the game.

The Simpsons: I`m a bit of two minds here, I liked the run up to the boss fight, but didn`t like the actual bossfight.  It is filled with some excellent Homer humor though.

Ninjago: Didn`t like this one.  The puzzel was okay but to repetitive.

Doctor Who: I`m not saying because I`m a Who fan (and way from before the restart in 2004), but this is one of the most atmospheric levels in the game.  I also can`t shake the feeling they are going to do a lot more with the Who license then just the Ideas set and small Dimensions expansion, as he really plays a strong role during the whole game`s storyline.

DC universe: This was a weak level in my opinion

Back to the Future: a `key point` level as you`re fighting Vortex for the first time, it was fun but not memorable

Portal: the one level you barely have to do any fighting as Portal is a puzzle game, this was perhaps the most challenging and fun level of the batch.  The under 25 minutes trophy is going to give me nightmares though I fear.

Lord of the Rings: a good story and the Riddler boss fight was okay.  Smeagol`s comments made it great for chuckling moments

Ghostbusters: a bit of a too chaotic level without any real `game style`

Midway Arcade: it`s an odd level, as you play in 2D, and the racetrack minigame is my nemesis though I managed it in the end

Scooby Doo: very cool level, especially since it`s drawn in cartoon style.  Together with Portal and Doctor Who the best of the levels for me.

The final three levels are the boss fights and not specifically linked to any franchise, they have the traditional mix including needing to use all puzzle stones in the very final level.

That also makes, that from the sets released so far, we haven`t gotten a Chima world, nor a Lego Movie world though, and neither has a level pack on the horizon either it seems.  So they still have a lot of possibilities to go to BREAK THE RULES.

And now?

Well, for me it`ll be expansion shopping.  The kid has `bought` me for christmas the Benny pack, so I`ll be receiving that under the tree, and of course both Doctor Who`s will have me at the door of the Lego store on release day.

Further ones that I have a more then usual intrest in are the various level packs of course, the Jurassic World set, the next year coming Joker / Harley Quin set, Slimer, Emmet, all Lord of the Rings and the Wizard of Oz.  The fact you don`t need ALL gold bricks or minikits to platinum it, makes it so you don`t have to buy all the sets, so that is a good thing!

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