vrijdag 30 oktober 2015

The Army of Merak wip

While I was filling in my rank and file troops earlier today for my ongoing army project, I started to put together all sorts of other Castle / Kingdoms as well.

No, not as they appear in sets, just as they went together well to build the `regular army` while my village`s forces assembled more.

The main infantry compromising of demi-humans and regular footfolk, led by the King and his retinue of magicians.

And the knightly cavalry...

Finally, the army of Hagen of Merak, still needing 5 more Chima Polar Bears, a Hun Warrior and a polar bear mount...

I estimate to have it al finished in a few weeks, then the project will move into the `uniformly based` phase for the village troops for 2016, where they will all be transplanted onto more detailed plates of grey and white accents.

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