woensdag 28 oktober 2015

Platinum: Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes

The latest of the Lego games I have platinumed, this game is actually already a few years old, but it was enjoyable never the less.

Well, and I had promised myself to platinum this one at last after a yearlong hiatus before going for the highest goal with Dimensions.

Now, the game plays around the Lego Batman movie, and it features a lot of cutscenes playing out from that particular movie as well.  It`s enjoyable in the usual Lego way, and being one of the bit older generation, you actually have to do some serious puzzling in the clean up modus for the 250 gold bricks.

But I managed it in the end, the very final thing I missed was a LexCorp mini-vtol, this has actually cost me almost 2 hours while being on the map all the time... it just looked like a building and with that big a gap between having played it and revisiting it the past weeks, I couldn`t remember wether or not it was a building from a level, stupid me...

But that means the game is all wrapped up, the next platinum goals will be Dimensions, and then The Hobbit.

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