vrijdag 30 oktober 2015

Birdy The Mighty

Based on a manga series, Birdy the Mighty was adapted into anime in a 25 episode series spread over 2 `seasons`, called Decode and Decode II respectively.

Back when it was announced in magazines like Neo, it was a highly anticipated series, but due to circumstances it took me some years more to finally obtain it and watch it through a marathon.


Birdy the Mighty: Decode starts when Birdy secretly entered Earth to track down an alien criminal named Geega as an Earth Federation police officer. In the midst of her work, she accidentally kills a Japanese national named Senkawa Tsutomu. To save his life, Birdy merges her body with his.
As the two work together on maintaining their lives, a mysterious person wishes to uses the Ryunka in order to commit genocide on the entire Earth.

She then moves through the layers of society, even having to go to a party at a classmate`s house, in order to continue her investigations.  When Sayaka becomes possessed by Ryunka, she and Tsutomu have to find a way to purge her body from the evil `inhabitant`.

Season 2 starts a few months after Shyamalan was killed while attempting to use Ryunka to kill everyone on Earth starting in Japan, Senkawa and Birdy are still attempting to maintain their dual lives until space criminals connected to the Ryunka case escape from Federation police custody.

It involves more on the alien influence on our planet, even involving some mild time travelling, and a romatic intrest for Birdy...


Well, I can see why it was anticipated highly, but I also must confess i never `caught on` with the series, watching it amused but not impressed.

On an animated level, some great work was done here, and the storylines aren`t to bad either not being riddled with off the point and filler episodes, but well, it just wasn`t really my thing.  If it ain`t mecha`s or Saints, they generally aren`t ;-)

But if you like the super-heroine style animations, Birdy is definitly a go for you!

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