zondag 4 oktober 2015

The Machine Buffalo

My latest, and probably final build for Andromeda`s Gates as I just can`t get the knack of building good spacey models (curvatures are my curse), this one is a bit of a special thingie I put together.  Well, unless of course with challenges, and if I have the time to do so.

The Machine Buffalo was the mobile base of the 80s japanese Super Sentai show `Liveman` (that what would become Power Rangers in the western world) which disgorged the small animal vehicles that would combine in a giant robot.

Now, I went with the looks and design of the vessel, and included one of the beasts as well, as a sort of `mobile battle tank` for my adventurers in the tale.

The vessel is armed with big plasmablasters, as can be seen as this one fires his deadly load towards the enemies of Kawashita.

The top hatch opens to be able to launch the Talon, a small birdlike scouting drone to do reconnaisance over the surrounding area.

The large front hatch opens to reveal the command center, where the operations of the tank are controlled.

The rear hatch is the ammunitions depot, featuring blasters, electro sticks and the likes.

It was rather fun to build and challenging to get the angles consistent with the original vessel from the television show, but now I have to erect some castle walls again ;-)

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