dinsdag 13 oktober 2015

Today`s Haul: Minifigures and Wizards

Tonight, no crappy movies for me, in 10 minutes our national team is attacking the number 1 position on the FIFA ranks and I`m going to watch history being made.

But never the less, that doesn`t stop me from sharing these two nice parcels that came in.

Knocking me back 5 GBP on Amazon, the newest DK book details all sorts of minifigures `unique` in their own way, being due to rarity, special elements or historical value.

And it comes with a LE Zombie Skateboarder as the insert figure

The other parcel was the final one I`m needing for a MOC Display I`m planning for 2016, and is the Chamber of the Winged Keys set from the Harry Potter line.  yes, I`m keeping with the yellow versions ;-)
And now, it`s footie time!

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