zondag 4 oktober 2015

Lego Build: 71170 The Dimensions Portal

So I picked up my copy yesterday, which was the PS3 version, and today I`m tackling the build of the portal itself.

Now mind you, this is a pure cosmetical build, as it makes no difference to the game wether you add the bricks to the portal or not, but is does look damn cool in front of the television compared to the otherwise bland grey and white platform.

The full set comes with the game cd, a help number note, a checklist poster, the portal and a box of elements, and it is on that last one we are going to focus.

Opening the box, you have three bags of elements: the minifigs, the portal and the batmobile.  Like I said yesterday in the first impressions post, all of it is purely cosmetical, and the small vehicles and gadgets don`t have instructions in the book.  You either build them through the game, or download the PDF for them from the Lego site itself.

These are the bases that control your characters ingame data.  The figures are detachable, and they are clearly labelled with symbols to show whose base it is.  The minifigs DO make it handier to move them along the pad during gameplay.

The main portal build begins on this newly designed baseplate, the hole in the center being for the smallest of the three play areas on the pad.

The whole set uses decals, as well as a lot of sky blue elements, adding to it`s gamey feeling as the colours are strongly contrasting to the dark grey of the base.

Trans light blues are used to circle the central area of the toypad, to make it even stand out more.

These elements are new for me personally.

To the backside, we add a small technic construction.  This will serve to hold the ring upright.

These printed shields are the `elements` whom are the core of the game.  You`ll need to collect those during the storyline and they are also included on the portal to add to it`s visual esthetics.

Next is the ring, this is made up mostly by large light blue triangle beam pieces.

Once the circle is done, they are all locked in place with 2x4 and 2x3 pieces.

This circle is then `dressed up` to get it`s more spacey feeling with dark blue curves and grey hooks.

The connector structure to add the ring to the base is then made and added to the underside of the ring.

Adding some more details in the form of decals and icey blue teeth to represent the vortex opening, we now are in possession of the completed ring.

Connecting this to the base, we get a very Stargate like feeling... which is a cool thing btw.

We do get some extra elements (and some more from the batmobile, but keep those apart for if you want to change it`s configuration in brickform).

And the whole set stands completed.

So far, I have enjoyed the game, and the build of the portal was rather okay as well.  This is going to be worth it`s euro`s, and let`s be honest, it might be a bit more expensive then Skylanders of Infinity as a starter, but the portal looks far cooler then the flat plate of the other two!

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