woensdag 14 oktober 2015

Not A-movie #4: Atlantic Rim

After our moment in soccer history yesterday for us Belgians, I`m continuing the B-movie week with a real pearl in the genre... for all the wrong reasons: Atlantic Rim.

Being the cheap version of a movie I adore, Pacific Rim, this creation by The Asylum is errrrmmm... different.


When giant monsters rise from the waters of the Atlantic, the US government deploys giant robots to combat this thread, and succeed eventually of pushing them back.


Crappy special effects that look like the animated toys of the Godzilla movies from the 1970s out from Japan, bad acting, no known faces...


As you can see by the very thin plot (okay granted, it is in one line just as much as Pacific Rim was) but also by the technical `achievements` (which is nowhere near the likes of Pacific Rim), you can imagine we have a real B-movie winner here!

The story is dodgy, the acting, well, they probably enjoyed doing it and got a voucher for McDonalds or something for doing the flick, and the special effects seem to have been `rendered` by a 5 year old with a CorelDraw demo package and not knowing where to click first.  This is cult in the purest form, just as Pacific Rim was cult for lovers of giant bad ass robots fighting mighty monsters.

But since this creation has nowhere near the budget of the source material, you can iamgine it is a real struggle.  Not a struggle between man and monster, but a struggle between viewer and getting to the end credits.  But if you do, your stubborness level has just gone up by +1!


I think IMDb is rather generous here with a 1.6 rating, I personally, but I admit I`m biased by my love for Pacific Rim, would rather drop the 1 and go for a very well deserved 0.6!  Admit it, it`s an art in it`s own to create something this bad, a true B-movie winner!

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