zaterdag 3 oktober 2015

Breaking the Rules: Lego Dimensions

So we have the game at last, and the portal is build as well.

Now, Dimensions, like The Lego Movie, makes us remember an old lesson in my opinion: mix and match your Lego, don`t be rule specific about it.

While I`ll be doing a `build report` on the portal one of these days, the game itself is in the style of all the TT Games lego has released the past years, making it easier to step in.  But this Skylander style game has one benefit: the portal is actually part of the game, instead of just standing there with some toy figure on it.

For some puzzles you need to put figures on the pad in certain areas, or remove them to be freed once your caught by the bad guys.

Another thing I`ve been saying and has proven my right, is that the whole Lego aspect is pure cosmetical.  As I expected, the figures are loose on the footpieces which contains the chips, so you basically can play using only those discs and the non build up toy pad.  The same goes for the vehicles or gadgets, you just can build them anyway you like, the online version is stored in the footpiece.

But of course, it just looks a lot cooler using the Lego that comes with the set.  Mind you, the small sets and in this starter set the Batmobile do not come with printed instructions.  You should build it when you unlock it ingame and follow the instructions, or go to the Lego site and there you can download the pdf for every build ingame.

For me, it`s a winner for sure, as I not only love playing Lego games, the mix and match nature of this one makes it just that bit cooler :-)

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