vrijdag 16 oktober 2015

Today`s Haul: Transformers Devastation and a lot of toys

Today`s walk along my regular adresses has yielded a good catch once again for not to much money.

The first thing to do was to pick up this PS3 game which I had in pre-order, and for which I had a full customer card at Game Mania giving me 15 euro bonus, so for an additional 15 I now have the most recent Transformers game in my possession.

I then took a trip to the local Kringloop, and had a great catch there.  The first where these two Creator sets, 2.50 each and sealed.

I also picked up this bag of smurfs and the likes, for a measly 50 cents.

Another 1.50 euro later and this bag of Star Wars and Hercules (the disney version) was in my basket as well.

Only to round it all out with a final 2 euro for two Raikonnen formula 1 Ferrari`s and a Ferrari WTC car.

Not a bad catch at all today!

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