dinsdag 20 oktober 2015

Haul Report: a good auctioneer day

Tuesday, auctioneer day every fortnight, and I had some great grabs again today.

Being the usual bi-weekly mom - son day out, we went to hunt some more toys for both my own collection and stuff to exchange for bricksies.

But first, a visit to the local Kringloop, and that yielded some great stuff as well.  The `main prize` there was this Bionicle boardgame, I honestly didn`t even know that even existed.

Other finds there was a Harry Potter card game

And two marvel figures with Mysterio and Venom.

But then to the auctioneer.  targets where a large Goldorak figure I didn`t win unfortunatly, but the next hauls where good as well.

The crown jewel was this Star Wars Speeder Bike, with box, but near mint inside.

The other haul looks like a heap of rubbish if you look at the two bags I found, but this is what was inside:

The A-Team, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, and a LOT of parts from old Action Man WW2 range figures... as well as Skeletor.

A good grab for sure today!

But that wasn`t all, as my Lego order for the final poster and the Stormtrooper Sergeant arrived today as well, so yes, that`s a heap of material I got together this time!

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