zondag 11 oktober 2015

Not A-Movie week

This week, I`m going to do another special for the blog, and an effort to reduce my backlog of movies I still need to see a bit.  

From today onwards until next weekend, I`m going to be watching (apart from my regular `weekly fixes` like Doctor Who) nothing but B or even worse movies!

This will at times be a tedious job, as while some movies are best okay, even the `straight to DVD` productions, but on the other hand there are those, well, they will feel as having wasted 2 hours of my life probably...

But expect my opinion as such on some really "awesome" movies this week, going from The Canyons to MegaShark serie instalments right until Atlantic Rim, to other works of doubtfull quality.

Or you can read next week how I`ve been interred with a serious mental breakdown...

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