zondag 18 oktober 2015

Dale Display MOC

The latest of my Tolkien sets to get the display treatment, the Battle of the Five Armies set is build up on a raised plate to present it better.

Based on the ruined city of Dale where the fighting takes place in the third The Hobbit movie, I tried to recreate the broken city of old.

In order to do this I have put some statues around the layout, some with flames to represent the last remnants of the campfires the survivors of Lake-Town had raised there, while rubble lies scattered around the floor.

The sides are marked by small remains of other houses, build in the style and colours of the tower from the set.

A staircase leads to the bridge of the set, and the trapdoor is placed such that the antagonist would tumble to the street below.

And of course, spots of snow are littered around the whole place, to give it the wintery feel from the movie.

I hope you like it!

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