woensdag 7 oktober 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6245 Harbor Sentry

Today`s classic is one of the 1989 pirate theme `Royalists` or marines.  I always liked them for their blue uniforms, and this must have been like the first set I got from them, being 11 back then and living on small pocket change.

Now, I did get the Clipper that year for a birthday, but for long this was my mainstay ship of my not so impressive fleet, but I did have heaps of fun with it.

After all, it did have a royalist AND a cannon, all bundled in 20 part set.  Now, let`s not think what happens if that little sloop would fire that cannon though, but considering the easiness of the build it could be repaired quickly ;-)

The sailor must be some kind of important guy, he has a beard after all...

Now, the actual ship is only a few pieces, staring with the red sloop itself.

On this, the pattern is layed out for the bench for the Royalist to sit on, and the cannon is installed in the back.

Add a flag, the cannon balls and the sailor... and the build is already completed.

Dead simple, but it was heaps of fun 25 years ago!

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