zondag 18 oktober 2015

Hauling odds and ends

Well, the big haul was of course a pile of retro games I found yesterday, whom will serve for exchange material to further my Lego collection, but that isn`t the only thing I found the past weekend.

So let`s have a look at the odds and ends I scored from a variety of places as well over the weekend.

This first thingie is a real addition for my lego collection.  If there is one `non franchise` range I really regret not having been present to buy as I was in my Lego Dark Ages, it was the Viking range.  Past friday a small parcel arrived with one such set I managed to find through one of the various lego trading Facebook groups, the Viking vs Wolf set.  The smallest in the range, but I just love the theme!

Now, during the Dag van de Kringloop yesterday where I picked up the games I reported on, I did find some other niceties as well.

The first thing is this protection bag for a DS, with a nice printed Pokemon design

The second is even cooler, a model kit from about 40 years ago, to make one of the classic British sailing ships, in this case the Mayflower.  And it knocked me back an `amazing` 0.75 cents to boot...

To end of the odds and ends, I found two more PS2 games while out shopping with the GF, being all time classic ratchet and Clank, as well as another Harry Potter game, gold in the making there.

So it has been all in all a more then decent weekend, and it really should all be easily tradeable for some more bricks or funds to sponsor those sets I still have my eye on :-)

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