dinsdag 13 oktober 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6260 Shipwreck Island

Of course, not the whole week will be about bad movies and such, and I`ll keep posting about the core business of the blog as well, the wonderfull toy called Lego.

Today, I`m doing another classic build with this 1989 released, 63 part set from the old Pirates line.

The set comes with two motley sailors, apparently stranded on a small sandy beach and making the best of it.

Back then, Lego gave out plates with almost any set, and with the Pirates line these 16x16 baseplates where printed with a small island design on them, which is also the basis for this small outpost.

On this plate, the first thing we build is the palmtree stem, and some rocky works where the treasure chest will recide.

A small look out platform is then build over this rocky outcrop to bravely wave the jolly rodger flag.

 Add the cannon to this, and a small boat to do some coastal shipping (I just love the bathtub idea for this) and we have a cosy small island for your bricky oceans :-)

Nothing spectacular to see here actually, apart from the sheer nostalgia, as it`s a real simple (even boring) build.  On the other hand, the set is crammed with `new stuff` back then, being printed heads, the cnnon, the new animals including the printed parrot... so it isn`t all bad and bland.

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