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Posted by : Tomsche69 zaterdag 13 oktober 2018

This saturday I decided to join Parade Day for Armies on Parade in the local Games Workshop, with my just painted for tabletop handling Emperor's Children.

My expectations for the contest itself where low, but I wanted to meet the local players as I never joined in any of their events so far, being someone who games at the club normally.

I made a selection of my models for this, grabbing mostly the old school metals and of course my Knight, while still being able to put it all in a single carry case for ease of public transport transportation, because I also had to haul my tile along.

There where 9 other armies on parade, and here is an overlook of all that participated, in italics there is any certificates they might have won:

Imperial Guard - Warhammer 40k *Best scenic base 40k*

Khorne - Age of Sigmar

Ultramarines - Warhammer 40k

Goblins - Age of Sigmar *Best monster and machines AoS, Best Scenic base AoS*

Adeptus Custodes - Warhammer 40k *Best Monster and machines 40k*

Sons of Horus - Warhammer 40k *Best Painted 40k, First Army 40k*

Nurgle - Age of Sigmar *Best Painted AoS, First Army AoS*

Nightvault Warbands - Age of Sigmar

Skaven - Age of Sigmar

So together with my above Emperor's Children, this made 10 entries, nicely split 5 / 5 down the line.

But which armies won the medals?

Well, the Third Place bronze medal went to the Age of Sigmar Goblin army

Second place silver was for the Adeptus Custodes force

And the grand winner of the Antwerp Armies on Parade was the Nurgle force, well deserved.

All participants also received this little memento, a pinbadge from Armies on Parade, so that is going in the cabinet with my force.

And now that I know the required "level" and how it all works, I`m going to already plan and start building scenery (which I lacked , I thought it had to be official GW scenery only) for my entry next year, which will so definitly be a Lord of the Rings one.  Mordor shall march forth!

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