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Posted by : Tomsche69 maandag 26 augustus 2019

Based on the 90s manga of the same name, this movie has been the years long in development "pet project" of James Cameron (Aliens, Terminator, Avatar,...) that finally hit the theatres in 2019.

And it paid off, placing itself in the top 10 of highest grossing films so far this year...

Scientist Dr Ido discovers a cyborg body on the Scrapyard, dumping place of the floating city of Zalem.  This city is the last remnant of the great war called "The Fall" which took place almost 300 years ago, and which took place between Mars and Earth.

When Alita saves Ido, who is a Hunter-Warrior (basically, a bounty hunter) she strats to remember more and more of her past, and soon after she discovers her true origins when she finds a cyborg body called a Berserker.  When she gets heavily damaged in combat with a villain called Grewishka, doctor Ido reluctantly installs her into this body, making her a feared angel of battle.

She goes after the criminals that are out to get her instead, and most importantly a man called Nova who is responsible for the loss of her love, Hugo.  While she doesn't reach Zalem yet, she becomes the star of Motorball, driven by a desire of vengeance...

Okay, so I know the source material from when I was till a young otaku (we are talking the VHS era here) and that is always dangerous when watching these adaptions (I fear for that reason the Gundam movie in development).  But even though it deviates understandably from the original, it isn't that bad at all.  It definitly isn't a mess like Ghost in the Shell, and the visuals are awesome.

And no, I wasn't bothered at all by "the eyes"...

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