zondag 4 augustus 2019

TSA Clubevening of the 2nd of August 2019

So it has been a while since I brought a picture report of our club's evenings, and yes, that had it's reasons.

Work, renovations and something else that will be unveiled in the future all had to do with it, but this week, for the first time in over a month I managed to go.

Noshi had her Heroquest game, and I didn't make any gaming appointments, instead catching up and doing some "game studying" during the evening.  So let's have a look at what was on the tables!

Glenn and his compadres where doing a shoutout in the Far West.

Cruel Seas was tried and tested for one of the first times at the club this evening, as Liam guided some "not so young" spirits through the rules.

Sven led another session of his Gangs of New York / Steampunk RPG Blades in the Dark

Nemesis organised a Kill Team game for both his daughters, because one must corrupt the next generation early enough.

The 40k League thundered onwards, with 4 battles being in full swing for the conveted trophy.
 Genestealer Cults versus Adeptus Custodes
 Salamander Space Marines versus T'au
 Orks versus Ulthwe Eldar
Space Wolves versus Blood Angels

Age of Sigmar made an appearance tonight, as Heikki and Glenn went to war.  But can someone that reads this point out WHERE in the rulebook it is written who gets first turn in scenarios...

My "study case" tonight, the 9th Age is the game I'll be building a force for soonish (after the move) and drop in on some tournaments as well in the coming years.  So I followed this game with intrest, and it took me back to my old Warhammer nostalgia a lot, as it is after all a community driven continuation of the gamesystem...

And it where two gorgeous armies on the table as well...

Said Heroquest group from the beginning in full action.

A large battle took place under the Men who would be Kings rulesystem.

Our president tried to best his opponent in a Napoleonic boardgame.  Story tells this is such a rare occurence that chances are bigger that out honorary president would shave his mustache off instead...

And a small intermezzo, as Mike tried his hand at Magic...

So that was the clubevening in a nutshell once more.  Great and varied games, some nicely painted armies and scenery was to be seen, and a good heap of players came along tonight.

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