vrijdag 16 augustus 2019

The Crisis Traders and Wish List

So, our trader's list for the Crisis 2019 show in november has been completed, and that meant for me time to look on what I might be intrested in to get.

If you want to have a full look at the list, you can find it here: 

ABC Brushes
Adler Miniatures
Archon Studio
Arts of War T Shirts
Asymetric Wargames
Atlantis Miiatures
Bandua Wargames
Bargain Games
Battlefont Miniatures Europe
Baueda Wargames
Bears Head miniatures
Black Scorpion Miniatures
Brigade Models
Brother Vinni
Caliver Books
CCG Winkel
Charlie Foxtrot Models
Conquest Games
Crooked Dice Game Design Studio
Dave Thomas
David Lanchester's Miltary Books
Dax Magic
Deep Cut Studio
Dio History
Drowned Earth Miniatures
Eagle Figures
Early War Miniatures
Emperor Toads Emporium
Empress Miniatures
Erwin Strip en Boek Antikwariaat
Eureka Miniatures UK
Foundry Miniatures
Freebooter Miniatures
Frontline Games
Games N Stuff
Game troll
Glenbrook Games & Painting Service
GM Boardgames
Gringo's 40
Hagen Miniatures
Heer 46
Hexy Studio
Jiver Miniatures
Karwansaray Publishers
Kore Thinking
KR Multicase
Kraken Wargames
L'Antre Jeux
Last Sword Miniatures
Lesley's Bit Box
Magister Militum
Mana Press Publishing
Mark's Miniatures
May 40 Miniatures
Micro Art Studio
Millenium Books
More Terrain
My Battlegrounds
Najewitz Modelbau
Offensive Miniatures
Panzer Models
Para Dices
PK- Pro
Plastic Soldier Company
pro- Tools
Pwork Wargames
Saddle Goose Design
Sarissa Precision
Scenery & Zo
Scenery Factory
Studio Miniatures
Tabletop Basements
Tabletopper NL
TGCM Creations
The Assault Group
The Last Valley
The Troll Trader
Trent Miniatures
Trolls Under The Bridge
Van Dijck Models and Figurines
Varosh Gameworld
War Mage Games
Warfare Miniatures
Wargames Illustrated
Wargamers PL
Warhouse Games
Warlord Games
Warmonger Miniatures
Wendy's Miniatures
Worean Shop
Wurfel- Meister UG

Now of course, there are always factors to take into account, last minute additions, fall offs, the usual stress that goes with running a convention...

But for now, that is the confirmed and definitive (dictionary: pemanent listing bound to change every 2 days x-D ) heebejeebe of merchants willing to take your gold in exchange for lead, your soul and your marriage (metal, plastic, mdf, ...).

Looking around all their various websites (handiest is to just mark one and do a google search), there are some that really caught my fancy, some that are "necessary purchases" and some that are "I might grab those"... not counting the bring and buy because one never knows what one can find there...

At some of the various paint and brush traders, I'll be looking around for Coat D'Arms and Vallejo paints to stock up colours running low, as wel as the necessary brushes for the coming months (mostly 0 and 000 sizes ofc).  Lots of them present, so it'll all depend on the deals I can broker and their pricings to begin with.

For scenery, I have some targets as well.  Bandua Wargames, Sarissa Precision, Warbases,... the ones with the MDF buildings to expand my Middle-Earth suited collection of terrain for home games or club events can all expect a visit by yours truly, and probably sell me "some" stuff.

Bargain Games is on my list as well for sure, he might carry some MESBG in his used GW material that picks my intrest (or fills holes in the armies).

Brigade Models is a "must stop" trader for me, I need some more 6mm Neo Soviets for my Gundam army in the making for Future War Commander, as I like those tank designs the best to represent Zeon.

There are quite a nice couple of premade scenery traders present as well, not only The Last Valley and Worean Shop, where I will be looking for some more nice scenery pieces.  Mostly trees and the likes, because hauling that sort of things from a convention next to my door is far more intresting then having them send by mail.  Resin scenery tends to get heavy quickly after all for shipping costs.

Stores like The Troll Trader and such will be looked at as well, to find some suitable models for the various armies I'm building, restoring or even starting, like suitable female demons (Raging Heroes for example), oriental rank and file in 32mm (and cheap L5R or Bushido for characters), and of course MESBG sets...

What I won't do is have myself pulled into another game or period for certain this time, and I don't mean that as Famous Last Words.  I'll be on the Bring and Buy in the beginning just because of that, with the move coming closer, I'm going to be selling a lot of unused stuff that I already (again, it's stronger then myself) ben lalled into, without it ever getting played.  I'm looking at you, Ice and Fire...

So that is it, my 'roadmap' for this years show: 

1. Supplies - High Priority
2. Sell off excess stuff on the Bring and Buy - cheap in the hope of clearing out before noon, so that I can go and make my convention report for the club
3. MDF scenery kits on the cheap
4. Fill holes in my MESBG collection and 6mm Neo Soviets
5. Find good deals for expanding my armies

And all that while not trying to exceed my budget cap... because all that is left over, will contribute to the new Ender and the Smaug set...

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